If you are already selling with eBay or Amazon you might find it's worth your while to set up your own online ecommerce shop.

If you've been successfully selling using eBay or Amazon or another third-party service you'll know that you have a product or service people want to buy. 

The advantages of your own online shop

Your own webshop can offer you increased flexibility and give you much greater control over how you present your brand and products. It can also be cheaper, depending on your business and products you sell as you:

  • retain more profit
  • reduce transaction fees
  • avoid listing fees.

Keep in mind that you will have to take into account:

  • the original cost of the website
  • hosting fees
  • credit card payment fees.

When building a web shop for clients, one of the first questions we get asked is “how do I get paid?”.

There are a number of routes that you can take and in reality there is no right answer. Nowadays paypal is very well known and is a highly credible payment gateway (after all it is owned and used by ebay!).