If you are already selling with eBay or Amazon you might find it's worth your while to set up your own online ecommerce shop.

If you've been successfully selling using eBay or Amazon or another third-party service you'll know that you have a product or service people want to buy. 

The advantages of your own online shop

Your own webshop can offer you increased flexibility and give you much greater control over how you present your brand and products. It can also be cheaper, depending on your business and products you sell as you:

  • retain more profit
  • reduce transaction fees
  • avoid listing fees.

Keep in mind that you will have to take into account:

  • the original cost of the website
  • hosting fees
  • credit card payment fees.

Having your own online shop helps grow your brand awareness and may make it easier for customers to find your business using google and other search methods.

Before you start

Maintaining an online shop takes time and effort. If you already sell on using a third party service (eBay/Amazon etc) then you will need to run both for a while as there will be a cross over period while your new shop builds up. Also, if you’re getting sales from your original site you will need to consider if it makes sense to keep it going. e.g. If you have a fairly unique portfolio of products you may find the new webshop competing in the search engine rankings with your products on Amazon or eBay.

As part of your selling strategy you should consider if you have the time to generate (and maintain) a social media strategy to help promote your shop and find customers in places such as Facebook and other social media.

Accepting money

To accept credit/debit card payments online your website has to be connected to a payment gateway. There are a variety of options (e.g. paypal, nochex, sagepay, worldpay etc).

We can talk you through the process and also your options. In some instances the registration process to accept credit card payments online can take a couple of weeks. 

What next?

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