We have been hosting web sites in China for a number of years.

There are a variety of considerations when delivering websites within China. The internet is highly regulated in China and information is not as free-flowing as other parts of the world so as a result, traffic into (and out of) China is choked by (among other things) the great firewall.

The Benefits of Web Hosting in China

If your site contains no contentious information there are massive benefits to hosting from within China. Primarily (and the big win) pages from your site will be delivered much faster to the user.

The data route to China from the UK (for example) involves going through certain network nodes that can clog up and sometimes fail totally

The Drawbacks of Web Hosting in China

It can be an arduous experience setting up in a datacentre or having websites hosted in China (which is where we come in!)

The government can come in at any time and audit a data centre and the servers within (and have been known to switch off servers)

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