Joomla is a CMS with blogging capabilities and Wordpress is blogging sofware with some content management.

We use both depending, so this is our own independent view of Joomla and Wordpress as each has strengths. 

Wordpress makes blogging easy. For simply adding articles it is unsurpassed. It's weakness is in flexibility. It is tricky to manage large amounts of content selectively showing over various pages without having coding knowledge.

Good for:

  • Simple sites
  • blogging
  • very easy to learn
  • also extendable with plugins.

Joomla is overkill if all you want is a simple blog. But we have yet to find a better application for handling and managing large amounts of information in a flexible way.

Good for:

  • Community sites
  • Membership/registered areas
  • forums
  • multi language
  • also extendable with plugins

In conclusion

The simple answer is "it depends!"

We are equally at home using both, but if you want a very simple site then we recommend wordpress. If you need restricted areas, communities, pages with numerous bits of content selectively displayed or a large quantity of articles then we would probably recommend Joomla.